New collaboration with MTTlab for Metabolomics applied to invivo studies

Starting from December 2017, Giotto Biotech started a new collaboration with MTTlab. MTTlab delivers both in vitro and in vivo data sets for the preclinical evaluation of investigational compounds which can be used for regulatory submissions, project evaluation, scientific publications and fund raising. MTTlab provides support for client studies or projects from the earliest research stages and assists with both scientific and regulatory challenges to obtain valid results within requested deadlines.

Thanks to this new cooperation, Giotto Biotech and MTTlab intend to wide their services and products offer and to launch new ones.

Urine Shift Predictor released

Dear colleagues,

we would like to share with you a very recent publication from our group, where we have developed an NMR-based metabolomics tool, that could be very useful for urine studies.

If you want to read the full publication please read:
Deconvoluting interrelationships between concentrations and chemical shifts in urine provides a powerful analysis tool,
Takis, P.G., Schaefer H., Spraul, M., and Luchinat C., Nat. Commun., 8, (2017), doi:10.1038/s41467-017-01587-0.

If you want to have more information about the Urine shift Predictor please click here.
To directly use the software, please click here


AEGIS website is online

The new "Accelerated Early staGe drug dIScovery" AEGIS Marie Curie ITN website is now online! Giotto Biotech is a proud participant of the network, which is currently hiring 15 PhD students on different fields such as organic chemistry, structural biology and molecular modeling. As Giotto Biotech, we are looking for one PhD student for a 3 years project involving Organic Synthesis: check out the project (ESR 15) and how to apply at .