Giotto Biotech offers C-phycocyanin isolated from Arthrospira platensis in aqueous buffers with a reactive grade purity level (A620/A280 greater than 3.5).

C-phycocyanin (CPC) is a member of the phycobiliproteins family forming the photosynthetic light-harvesting antenna complexes of cyanobacteria and red algae. It is a fluorescent multimeric protein with maximum absorption and emission at 620 nm and 647 nm, respectively.  

It is suitable for labeling antibodies and other biological molecules for immunological assays, cell-sorting and fluorescent microscopy. In addition, its high molar absorptivity at visible wavelengths (it is a brilliantly blue-colored protein) makes C-phycocyanin a useful marker for gel electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing and size exclusion chromatography.

C-phycocyanin is widely used as a natural dye in foods and cosmetics; moreover, in the last years, many studies have shown its antioxidant (Li-Chen Wu et al. 2011), anti-inflammatory (S.-C. Cherng et al. 2007), neuroprotective and hepatoprotective (Remirez et al. 2002) activities, as well as its ability to induce apoptosis in cancerogenic cell lines (T. Dasgupta et al. 2001). 

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