Calbindin D9K

Bovine, recombinant, folding state checked by NMR.
residues 5-79
MW = 8.5 kDa
CAT # G02CLB01

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Packaging and Prices

Unlabeled Protein
Catalog n° Labeling Q.ty Price (€)
G02CLB01 none 1 mg 260.00
G02CLB01 none 5 mg 740.00
G02CLB01 none 10 mg 1,160.00
G02CLB01 none 20 mg 1,825.00

Labeled Protein
Catalog n° Labeling Q.ty Price (€)
G02CLB01n 15N 5 mg 1,425.00
G02CLB01n 15N 10 mg 2,235.00
G02CLB01cn 13C15N 5 mg 1,710.00
G02CLB01cn 13C15N 10 mg 2,680.00

Ready to use NMR standard
Catalog n° Labeling Tube Price (€)
G02CLB01n_t3 15N 3 mm tube 950.00
G02CLB01n_t5 15N 5 mm tube 1,780.00
G02CLB01cn_t3 13C15N 3 mm tube 1,105.00
G02CLB01cn_t5 13C15N 5 mm tube 2,100.00

Special prices for bulk quantities available upon request.

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MW = 8.5 kDa. Calbindin D9K (Protein S100-G, CABP, Vitamin D-dependent calcium-binding protein, intestinal) cloned from bovine cDNA, expressed in E. coli. The protein consists of Calbindin D9K, mutant P47M (residues 5-79, swissprot accession P02633) bound to two calcium ions.

        10         20         30         40         50
        60         70 
> 95% by SDS-PAGE. The protein was observed as a single band migrating at molecular weight <10 kDa.

Supplied as
1.0mg/ml in Ammonium Acetate 50mM, pH 6.0. The concentration is calculated from the absorbance at 280nm (ε280=1280 M-1cm-1).

Under the above described conditions, to avoid precipitation or protein dimerization, the product can be concentrated up to 25mM.

-20°C. The protein is stable at 4°C for at least 2 weeks and at 25°C for at least several hours.
After initial defrost, aliquot product into individual tubes and refreeze at -20°C.
Avoid repeated freeze/defrost cycles.
NMR USE: after the experiments return the sample at 4°C.

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N.J. Skelton, J. Kordel, W.J. Chazin. J. Mol Biol. 1995 Jun 2; 249(2):441-62.

Assignments Available
1H, 13C, 15N, item 201CAB-0: J.Am.Chem.Soc. 123: 4181-4188, 2001; J.Biomol.NMR 21: 85-98, 2001
1H, 13C, 15N, item 201CAB-Ce: J.Am.Chem.Soc. 123: 4181-4188, 2001; ChemBioChem 2: 550-558, 2001
1H, 15N, items 201CAB-La, 201CAB-Nd, 201CAB-Pr, 201CAB-Sm, 201CAB-Eu, 201CAB-Tb, 201CABDy, 201CAB-Ho, 201CAB-Er, 201CAB-Tm, 201CAB-Yb: J.Am.Chem.Soc. 123: 4181-4188, 2001; Eur.J.Inorg.Chem. 2121-2127, 2002

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