Custom proteins and peptides

Custom proteins and peptides

Giotto Biotech is pleased to offer, in addition to the proteins shown on this website, a custom production service for proteins.

Uniform and selective labeling

We specialize in proteins and peptides selectively and uniformly labeled with stable isotopes, typically 13C, 15N, and 2H. 

Feasibility study

Our experts will create a detailed feasibility study that will be accompanied by precise projections of delivery times.  

We can also offer a multiple-step production that will allow you to evaluate our results step-by-step, as well as the possibility of success of the following step.

Proven high purity

Our custom proteins and peptides follow a strict quality control process including MALDI mass analysis, NMR and SDS/page and/or HR chromatography, and are accompanied by detailed documentation.

Non-disclosure agreement

Upon request we are open to signing a non-disclosure agreement in order to protect our clients' confidential information or the materials that are shared with us.

  Example of the SDS-PAGE of a custom protein.

Example of the SDS-PAGE of a custom protein.

Biotech expression of polypeptides available down to 25 amino acids

  Example of the MALDI mass analysis of a custom protein.

Example of the MALDI mass analysis of a custom protein.

The peptide is expressed in E. coli and purified in native form using only aqueous buffer (no organic solvents are used, thus leaving the folding and chirality of the biological products unaffected). For example, a special process created for Abeta by Giotto Biotech’s scientists at the University of Florence generates a monodisperse peptide that allows the final user to carry out fibrillation studies.

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