Metabolomics services

For the biomedical, pharmaceutical, agro-food and probiotic sectors

NMR-based metabolomics

Pairing the power of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) 
with the science of metabolomics to provide you with 
state-of-the-art services for your key applications 


Giotto Biotech, in collaboration with the FiorGen Foundation and the Magnetic Resonance Center (CERM) at the University of Florence, is in a unique position to provide you with metabolomics services thanks to access to top-of-the-line instrumentation (including a fully robotized 600 MHz NMR machine for high volumes, a 600 MHz HR-MAS, and an 850 MHz solid-state machine for metabolomics on tissue extracts). 

Some examples of the fields of application: 

  • Biomedical: metabolomic profiling of biological fluids (breath condensate, expectorate, sweat, urine, blood, serum), disease fingerprinting 
  • Pharmaceutical: prediction of drug toxicity, analysis of mechanism of action and side effects 
  • Agro-food: analyses of food products (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, olive oil, meat and fish, etc.) 
  • Probiotic: metabolomics of probiotic products for their characterization 

Advantages of metabolomics by NMR

As compared to metabolomics by mass spectrometry, metabolomics by NMR:

  • is more accurate (though metabolomics by mass spectrometry is more sensitive)
  • does not require the destruction of samples
  • involves easier sample preparation
  • is faster


  • NMR screening and metabolomics of biological fluids, tissues and food products 
  • Metabolomic profiling and disease fingerprinting 
  • Biomarker discovery 
  • Drug studies (toxicity, mechanism of action, side effects) 
  • Metabolomic statistical analysis service 



A 600 MHz spectrometer with an H,C,P cryoprobe and a robotic auto-sampler is fully dedicated to metabolomics in solution. An additional 600 MHz spectrometer is equipped with an HR-MAS probe for the metabolomic investigation of intact tissues and cells.

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