Recombinant Proteins and Peptides

Giotto Biotech offers a highly specialized custom production service for proteins and peptides.
You choose the sequence of interest, we will produce it for you, according to your specifications. All projects will be maintained in the strictest confidentiality. Our expert scientists will be happy to help offering free feasibility studies and to help troubleshooting your protocols to boost your research.

Finally, in addition to our custom production service, you can browse our catalog of recombinant proteins searching what you need for your researches.

Biotech expression of protein available down to 30 amino acids

The protein is expressed in E. coli and purified in native form using only aqueous buffer (no organic solvents are used, thus leaving the folding and chirality of the biological products unaffected).

Uniform and selective labeling

All our proteins and petides can be selectively and uniformly labeled with stable isotopes, typically 13C, 15N, and 2H. Read more on our isotopic labeling service.

Chemical synthesis of peptides up to 150 amino acids

If you need a simple peptide or a modified peptide, have a look to our Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

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