Organic Synthesis

Giotto Biotech has a great expertise in organic chemistry: our state of the art facilities give us access to a wide range of reaction, and we can produce from milligrams to kilos of material. Beside to our catalogue, we are pleased to offer a service of custom synthesis according to the client’s needs. Contact our staff, we will help you carrying out your research under strict confidentiality.

Reference compounds for GC/MS determination

  • oximes
  • benzene, PAHs and related compounds
  • pollutants and related metabolites
  • drugs metabolites and impurities

Synthetic building blocks

  • azides
  • glycosides
  • fine chemicals

Custom production

  • design and realization of multi-step synthesis
  • metabolites and natural products
  • unknown drugs impurities determination and their synthesis
  • purity and identity assessed bu GC-MS, HPLC and high field NMR
  • high level quality control on each batch

Scale-up service

  • Possibility to work first on the scale of the laboratory to set-up and optimize main reaction conditions
  • Full support of experts in the event of a pilot or pre-pilot production phase
  • Dedicated laboratory equipped with chemical reactor
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect our clients

More info on our scale-up service

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