NMR standards and tools

Giotto Biotech provides the NMR community with a number of NMR protein reference standards at very competitive prices. Solution and solid-state NMR standards are available, provided “ready-to-use” in tubes or pre-packed in rotors.

A wide range of selectively or uniformly labeled proteins produced in E. coli are available ranging from 6 kDa to 40 kDa molecular weight.

Solution standards are supplied in constricted NMR tubes sealed under argon for improved stability. 

Solid-state NMR standards can be provided as bulk microcrystals or as “ready-to-use” packed in Bruker MAS rotors. We can provide you with SpiNpack, a ultracentrifugal device kit developed by Giotto Biotech. SpiNpack is an efficient, easy-to-use and time saving istrument for solid-state NMR.

Proteins conformation is checked by NMR.


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