SOD1 Cu/Zn – mutants > SOD1 I113T mutant

Human, recombinant, G93A mutant
Full length, I113T, UniProtKB accession P00441
MW = 32600 Da (dimer)
EC #
CAT # G06SD113T

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NMR Standard


Physical state



100 μg, 500 μg, 1 mg


Mutants available:

A4V Ala4Val  
V7E Val7Glu  
I35T Ile35Thr  
G37R Gly37Arg  
T54R Thr54Arg *
L67V Leu67Val  
G85R Gly85Arg  
V87M Val87Met *
A89V Ala89Val  
D90A Asp90Ala *
G93A Gly93Ala *
G93R Gly93Arg  
G93D Gly93Asp *
V97M Val97Met *
E100G Glu100Gly  
I113F Ile113Phe *
I113T Ile113Thr *
L144F Leu144Phe *
V148I Val148Ile  

*Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) related.

Mutant available upon request.

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