Leonardo Tenori gives a talk at Toscana Tech

This morning, Leonardo Tenori, member of Giotto Biotech Board of Director, spoke about Metabolomics based on NMR.

It was a great opportunity to illustrate to participants of Toscana Tech how Metabolomics based on NMR works and to offer some details about fields of application. Some examples of the fields of application are:

  • Biomedical: metabolomic profiling of biological fluids (breath condensate, expectorate, sweat, urine, blood, serum), disease fingerprinting.
  • Pharmaceutical: prediction of drug toxicity, analysis of mechanism of action and side effects.
  • Agro-food: analyses of food products (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, olive oil, meat and fish, etc.).
  • Probiotic: metabolomics of probiotic products for their characterization.

Giotto Biotech at Toscana Tech 2018

Tuscany Region organizes a two days event (November 19- 20).

The Florentine event is an important meeting opportunity for entrepreneurs, universities, small, medium and large companies to discuss the new technological models of what has been called the fourth industrial revolution, to understand the possible developments, to grow the Tuscan ecosystem within the factory of the future: Industry 4.0.


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